Hack College Website and Increase your Marks


Every student definitely thinks of that what If I hack college website and increase my marks with ease.

Here is the solution to change marks on any subject. Let’s check that out.

  • Open Chrome or UC browser
  • Go to your website and log in where you can see your mark
  • For example here’s the picture below with minimum mark

hack college website

  • Now select any mark and right click then go to inspect

  • After that then you can see the coding of that website.

  • Example see in above image“<td data-column=”PT1 (50)”>35</td>”  In this >35< select the element and change your number as per your wish.
  • Then by changing everything by the same repeated process (selecting the element to give inspect and change)

Now enjoy showing your mark with the highest value to everyone.

NOTE: This is an only temporary method. Hacking is a crime as per law for changing marks. If does so jail will be waiting.

Just temporary arrangement to show your parents by taking a screen shot then escape from scolding after that do your best Hard work effect next time to score good mark.

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