Protect your Device from Virus manually


There is something wrong with your device, you are getting all sorts of errors and crashes and you have no idea what is wrong with your device. Well, there is a good chance that your device has been affected by some sort of malware or virus and if it’s a Ransomware then your data can be locked and you may be asked for ransom money to unlock your device. Now not everyone can afford costly antivirus or doesn’t want to use them as they are pretty heavy on the system. So if you are one of them and want to protect your device for your own safety, here some methods are given which can help you protect your data:

1.Backup your data: First of all, buy a portable hard drive which has the capacity of 1TB or 2TB. Then backup your data regularly so that a copy of your data is stored safely and securely even if you lose your data. Just connect the hard drive to the system you need to backup or to access the data and you should be good to go.

2.Scan Attachments: There are lots of links or attachments that are mailed to your email. If you are not well known about that particular links or attachments then you cannot open it or save it. It may harm your device. And never try to download the .exe attachments as they are executable and might install unwanted programs on your computer. Whenever you get an email which has an attachment to it, even if it looks pretty and genuine, don’t open it without verifying its source.


3.Disable Autoplay: Disabling the autoplay allows you to give permissions to the programs that are trying to open. You will be in control of your data and will be able to protect your system from viruses as it cannot access the data without your consent.

4.Adblocker: Always try to add the extension of adblocker to your browser which helps you to block the different types of annoying and harmful adds. These ads may contain adware and spyware which can spread to your device instantly. There are lots of sites which will not open or show content if your adblocker is on. Before accessing these sites try to know if these sites are genuine or not.

5.Clear Cache & cookies: More often try to clear the cache and cookies of your browser so that if any virus infected sites are opened cannot affect your whole system. These cookies are also saved on your device and show up everywhere you visit.

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