Top 5 Android apps of 2019



For the past decade, mobile phones have changed our way of living. We started with Nokia keypad phones and now we are here in the era of smartphones. Nowadays, we always search for new apps that are fun to use and make our day to day life easier. So, we have listed the top 5 android apps in 2019.

1.Google Assistant: –

 Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence that caters to your various needs. You can simply download it and turn it on by saying ”OK Google”. You can use your microphone to issue a command like setting an alarm or calling someone or sending a message and the assistant will carry out the particular job for you. Instead of opening the internet and searching for things, you can ask the assistant to do it for you. You can also converse with it as a friend and it sure gives some witty answers. This virtual assistant is completely free and definitely makes your life easier by saving you a lot of time.

2.Nova launcher:-

This launcher is totally unique mainly because it is updated constantly with new features. It has tons of customizations and features. You can tweak and tune and change your phone UI into a dazzling beauty. You can also use gestures to perform various tasks. For example, you can swipe up on your home screen to open a particular app. It makes navigation a lot easier. With this launcher, you also get the choice of organizing your app drawer perfectly with the help of numerous app drawer customizations. You can also enable the ‘Pull to search” feature which lets you search recently used apps and thus saves you the hassle of finding it manually. And, most importantly if you want to try out some other launcher and then come back to nova launcher, you do not have to worry about losing your settings and customizations. Nova launcher saves user profiles. So, when you reinstall nova launcher you can get all your customizations back.

3.Swiftkey Keyboard:-

This is a third-party keyboard app that was released in July 2010 by TouchType. It has been one of the best keyboard apps out there. It uses artificial intelligence to predict what the user is going to type and it does so more accurately than other keyboards. So, the more you use SwiftKey, it is going to get better at predicting because it learns from previously written texts and messages. Plus, SwiftKey provides the user with customization like applying themes. It also comes with a dedicated number row and multilanguage support and gesture typing. With the help of gesture typing, you can wave your hand across the keyboard over the desired letters and the word is automatically going to be typed. And to top it off, this keyboard app is completely free.

4.ES File explorer:-

 In spite of what the name suggests, it is much more than a file explorer. In addition to helping you keep your files organized with the help of folders and subfolders, it also works as an application manager, task killer, cloud storage client. You can access and also share the files stored in your phone with the help of this file manager. It’s UI is very well-polished and helps you navigate and manage your files and folders very easily. It is an all-in-one app and is currently one of the best file manager apps for android out there


   At times, human communication is hampered due to language barriers. These problems are eradicated by Duolingo. This app helps you to learn multiple languages like English, French, Spanish, German for free. The app monitors your activities and gives periodic reminders for lessons. You can also use this app offline but no credit points will be provided for completing any lessons offline. You can also see your friend’s profile and keep track of what language they are trying to learn. This app is user-friendly and makes studying a lot more fun.


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