Overview of Kotlin Programming


One of the statically typed programming languages is Kotlin which is compiled using JavaScript source node and is run using Java Virtual Machine.

 Kotlin programming language is expected to replace Java in Android app development. It is developed by a team of Saint-Peterburg programmers called Jet brains as they wanted to replace java code with minimal code. It is the most recent and powerful language released in 2011 that overcame several difficulties encountered by Android app developers using Java such as loquacity of the source code and runtime exceptions and many other issues. It is effortless to get started and thus Android developers can also initiate it in developing existing projects.

JetBrains’ remarkable work on designing Kotlin is one of the basis we’re adopting the language. Google is partnering with JetBrains to ensure a perfect full-fledged developer tale that is from designing the language to its framework, to use tools. There are also predictions that Kotlin language will move into a non- profit foundation.

 Kotlin upholds several better features to Java, simplest-to-simplest syntaxes and concepts from programming code, it has many more enhancements compared to Java. Some great features of Kotlin programming include:

  1. Kotlin is an open source programming language.
  2. Complete Java Interoperability.
  3. Kotlin compiles to JVM bytecode as it is compiled using Java Virtual Machine.
  4. Defaulted parameters allowed.
  5. Kotlin imposes no runtime overhead or exceptions.
  6. Null Safety in Kotlin than in Java, making it much safer.
  7. Extension functions.
  8. Swift is similar to Kotlin.
  9. Minimal code size.

Recently, Google just made a statement that Kotlin would be the world-class language for Android. It may not replace Java or C++. Currently, the job opportunities in Kotlin may not be more, but it shall surely grow after this announcement made by the tech giant Google. Many companies in the corporate world have advanced and started using the current technology like Kotlin in developing their apps for the real-time projects, against all odds.

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Kotlin has many more features to ponder upon.

  1. It has unambiguous and organized syntax and is often contrasted with iOS Swift.

Both Kotlin and Java have similar features. The perfect syntax is the extraordinary feature as when Kotlin is contrasted to Java which, for all its special features, has never been known for its authentic simplicity or its robustness.

2. Android Kotlin is Java compatible

Kotlin is Java compatible. This makes it obviously a useful language that can anchor JVMs and parallelly it can be used in updating and enhancing enterprise-order solutions and observations those that have huge codebases developed in Java.

3. Kotlin has a great IDE overall.

Weak IDEs often generate limitations for programming languages, which is precisely notable with cloud platforms. Very often it is seen that IDE support for the Java Virtual Machine and the Android is provided by a handful of enthusiasts. Kotlin is unique in this context because Android Kotlin was built by famous IDE providers or enthusiasts who clearly had an understanding of what it takes to make an IDE that’s reliable and easy to work with, giving users a better experience.

Also, IntelliJ is making it huge, and JetBrains is making most of its production code in Kotlin now (for the IDE and all the other plugins).

Finally, it is legitimate to mention that Kotlin is an enhancement on Java in many syntactical ways making up for a better programming exposure. It’s just awesome to program in with Kotlin. It is evident and to be told that the future shall be advanced through Kotlin and not just the simple and plain Java. The null handling alone would be too huge for a step back.

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