Top five Android Browsers


Top Android Browsers:

The web browser is considered as the very important app in the OS. The browser should have the advanced features and the performance must be high. There are many web browsers are available on the Internet. We can choose web browser according to our requirements such as the plugins available for the browsers, its performance and ratings

Here are the best Five android web browsers

  1. Google Chrome:

Google chrome is inbuilt in the android phones.

Chrome browser is most widely used web browser in the world because of its performance and the customization.

  • Some unknown hidden tips and tricks of chrome for better UX.

○ You can move the address bar to the bottom :


  1. Go for the chrome flag menu by typing in the address bar ‘chrome:// flags’
  2. Change  chrome  home settings
  3. Change the default and set to enabled.
  4. Select relaunch now.


○ Experience the fastest browsing:


  1. Go for the chrome flag menu by typing in the address bar ‘chrome:// flags’
  2. Go to experimental QUIC protocol
  3. And set to enabled.

For youtube, it improves up to the 30% fewer buffers

○ Reader mode for the eyes: if you want your browser should be always in the reader mode, then follow the steps.


  1. Go for the chrome flag menu by typing in the address bar ‘chrome:// flags’
  2. Go to reader mode triggering
  3. And set to always.

○ If you want to switch the tabs in the compact way the follow the steps:


  1. Go for the chrome flag menu by typing in the address bar ‘chrome:// flags’
  2. Go to accessibility tab switcher
  3. And enable it
  4. And relaunch it.
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○ Enable the zooming on any webpage:


  1. Go to the setting
  2. Go to accessibility
  3. And tick to the force enables zoom.

There are many additional features of the chrome but have to become the beta tester and you have to use the beta apps.

  1. Firefox Browser:

Firefox browser having the best design and it is now upgraded by the new photon user interface (UI). Firefox provides the faster browsing experience.  It can generate the links for the easy search. Easy access with the help of bookmarks available in the browser.

Following are some Add-on extensions are available to improve the performance.

  • Notebook web clipper
  • Add blocker
  • Smart shopping
  • unlock Origin
  • Tranquility Reader
  • Password manager
  • Bookmarks
  1. UC Browser:

The first and very helpful feature of UC browser is the in-app widgets and helps to better user experience. UC provides the fast browsing with the help of cloud boost technology. It also provides the separate download manager. Customization is the very interesting feature, you can change your UI with your choice. UC comes with the inbuilt facility of quick access and adds blocker. UC also provides the gesture for the great UX. text mode is also available in the UC.


There are many add-on features available for the UC browser:

  • UC cleaner
  • Password manager
  • Facebook
  • Speed mode
  • Adobe flash player
  • Screenshot
  • Save page
  1. Opera  Mini:

The best feature of this browser is, it synchronizes the data with the desktop version. Opera browser provides Video compression technique to save the data. Opera also comes with the inbuilt add blocker. This browser having the dashboard to save the feeds and favorites. It also provides the notification bar for the Facebook and many more applications. Browser having download manager where you can directly download the content which is downloadable. Size compression of the page is also available in the browser

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Add on features available for the opera browser:

  • Translators
  • LastPass
  • Alitools
  • Evernote web clipper
  • 360 internet protection
  • Personal shopping assistant
  • Boomerang for the Gmail
  • Fairsteam
  • Classic notes
  1. Dolphin Browser

Top five Android BrowsersDolphin browser comes with the facility Voice search and voice control called the dolphin sonar. It has gesture modes and private browsing mode like all other web browsers. The browser also having flash support. It comes with inbuilt ass blocker. It is having the control panel for additional features. Share and save is also the best feature of the dolphin browser. The browser has the beautiful UI. Browsing preference is also available in the browser. User Agent for the desktop and Android app synchronization. Hence it is probably the best android browser

Add on features available for the dolphin browser:

  • Amazon assistant
  • C battery saver
  • Web to pdf
  • Dolphin Barcode and QR code scanner
  • Dolphin reader
  • Dolphin screen cut
  • Dolphin show IP
  • Dolphin Jetpack


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