PI Network – Earn money in future from app without investment

PI Cryptocurrency - mine now and earn later


Is it possible to earn 10000$ after a long period from now, say 5 years ?

Yes, sometimes it may be possible. Somethings we may get at low cost or no cost now and it may be valued as thousand dollars in future. As you all know, in 2016 bitcoin value is just around 300-400$, but now in 2021 it is trading in between 30000-40000$, 100 times in just span of 5 years. We just need to guess the future demand and invest now in these kinds.

Now let’s go to our main question, can we earn 10000$ after 5 years from now without any investment?

I cannot say Yes for sure for this question but it may be possible. Recently students from Stanford University has started PI Network cryptocurrency. Now we can mine the PI just by installing the mobile app. According to my analysis and prediction, In 2025, PI Network will be at least around 200$. So if we just install the app and mine around of 50 PI coins, then we may have chances of earning 10000$ in 2025.

If you know to know what’s Cryptocurrency and what’s mining stage, Please go through Wikipedia article here.

Let’s get into the main part how to install the app and use it.

  • Follow this link https://minepi.com/pkts and use my username (pkts) as your invitation code, you would be getting 1 PI in your account as you install.
  • After you click on the above link , click on Download button and it will open app in Play store and install it.
  • Open the app and enter your mobile number by selecting the country code and type the password in the next screen.
  • Use “pkts” as the referral code.
  • After the registration is complete, there will be a tour taken and shows usage of each and every button.
  • Click on the flash icon on the right side and mining will get started.
  • Verify your Phone number by going to you mobile.
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If you face any issues, while installing and registration, please mention your query in the comments.

There are 4 hierarchies in this as below:

Pioneer-  It’s the basic rate of mining

Contributor- After you mine for 3 days, this will be activated and select the members from your circle and rate of mining would be based on this.

Ambassador- Based on the members you refer and if they are active then mining rate would increase.

Node- This is for Desktop mining and would be available soon.

Earn money in future from app without investment

Also the mining rate would be decreased as time passes and would become unavailable after some months. Look at the below graph for more details. So mine as much as you can in limited period.


No investment, no time loss, just login each day and click on flash icon, it would take less a minute daily and share the app with your friends, your mining rate would increase if they also start mining. Currently value of PI coin is 0, guess it would be around 200$ after 5 years.

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