Xiaomi in a recent AMA session on Weibo, on Wednesday, March 27, revealed quite a few things about their new upcoming MIUI 11. So today, let’s check out what we have come to know so far.

1.Fewer Ads:

Xiaomi with their cheap pricing makes quite little with their phones, So for a long time, Xioami phones were filled with quite a few ads here and there. Now, that’s gonna change with MIUI 11, where the ads which affect user experience will be removed. Now how much of ad reduction this will lead to is to be seen.

2.Redesigned Icons:

Xioami phones default icons have remained the same for quite a long time. So with the introduction of MIUI 11, the icons will be much more simplistic. Also, the animation times will be reduced, which should greatly improve the user experience.

3.Aggressive Power Saving Mode:

Since most of the flagships by Xiaomi have OLED panels, Xiaomi will be introducing a new power saving mode, which will then turn the screen monochrome. Now, this can save quite a lot of battery, especially for OLED displays.

4.Dark Mode:

This is more of a user preference thing, which can also save a lot of battery. So it’s definitely welcome.


5.Notification Log:

With the new MIUI 11, there will be a notification management system, wherein the notifications which aren’t read but are swiped away due to notifications cluttering, will stay in the notification Log. This will make sure that you don’t miss any important notification.

6.Recycle Bin:

This will store the files that are deleted by you, wherein they will be stored for 3 days, after which they will be automatically removed. Although this means there will be a bit more of buffer size, it can come in handy if you mistakenly delete some file.

That all that was uncovered from the session. Xiaomi still hasn’t mentioned any global release date of the MIUI 11. So we look forward to testing out the MIUI 11 when it comes out.

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