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You must have heard of Android go right the Android version meant for entry-level Android smartphones. These android go smartphones are supposed to be extremely budget smartphones with the price range of 2-3k INR.So they are supposed to be a little weak in the internals. Keeping that in mind, Google has been releasing some special android apps which are supposed to be using lower resources as compared to the regular versions of these apps.

So far Google has released a bunch of Android Go apps including Google Go, Files Go, Youtube Go and Maps Go with a lot of goals in mind. So let’s see if these apps are worth using or not.

Google Go Google while releasing this app promised that will do all the work that regular google does but will be much easier on the internal resources. This app has the features of its regular counterpart like voice search, maps, GIFS and even Google translate but this comes in a small size compared to the enormous 166MB size of the regular Google app. Definitely, you would be missing out on some features like the google feed but that’s acceptable since you are saving a ton on internal size. And also it’s supposed to use ways less RAM, so you would be getting a much smoother experience while using. So, in my opinion, the Google GO app is definitely worth checking out.

Maps Go: The main fascinating fact about this app is its insane tiny size of 0.09MB, compared to the massive 48 MB size of the regular Google maps app. The maps inherit a lot of the features from the regular maps app including directions and many others. However, that insanely small size comes with a huge limitation of the absence of live navigation which definitely will be a dealbreaker for many. However, it has some of the useful features like the traffic info which will help you to plan your journey accordingly. I mean that is one feature I wish the regular Google Maps I’ve had. Even in terms of RAM usage, it is significantly efficient than the regular Google maps app. So definitely go check it out.

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Files Go: Now this is a app that I use on my own device which definitely does not lack any resources. Coming at around 40MB it might be a little space eater but trust me it will help you to get rid of a lot of your storage. Right on the home screen, the app offers a number of useful features including cards to clear out low res images, duplicate files, app and even an option to uninstall the app that you have not used in a while all of that fit into a beautiful package. Files Go app is honestly a go app because it helps users carve out more space on the devices instead of being mind-numbingly small likes maps go. Also, it tries to ensure that all those ( WhatsApp) good morning images don’t eat up your storage.

Gmail Go: Even on an entry-level device chance of people are want to check their emails. The company has also a Gmail Go app so that people can enjoy the ease and simplicity of Gmail on their phones. It comes in a really small size i.e; 24.8 MB. Even on RAM, this app is taking very much less resource heavy as compared to the regular Gmail app. It uses on an average around 77MB of RAM while the regular Gmail app uses over 260 MB. It also offers all the features from the regular Gmail app in the same interface so you won’t miss out on anything that means it even includes the swipe gestures from the regular Gmail app. So I think that anyone can easily use the Gmail Go app instead of the regular app.

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YouTube Go: Obviously Google thought of people who want to consume videos on their phones and that’s why the Youtube Go app is there. Well, it is different which mean it focuses on saving your mobile data and storage more than anything else. In this particular app, there is a very interesting feature that it doesn’t play anything when we tap on it rather it provided the option to download or save it for the future purpose. It does not very feature –rich. It doesn’t have all the tabs that you’ll find in the regular Youtube app and you can’t even subscribe the channels in the Youtube Go app but it brings one unique feature. YouTube Go users can share downloaded videos with their friends near back. As compared to the regular space this app uses very less space which is very fine. While the regular YouTube app is 122MB in size but YouTube Go is just under 30MB and also uses about 74MB of RAM on average as compared to Youtube’s 103MB which is awesome.

In all about above, Google claims about using much less storage than regular apps holds completely true. According to our calculation, the regular versions of these apps took up around 500MB of storage while Go variance less than 80MB. It’s amazing and mind-boggling at the same time.

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