Chrome extension to Auto Fill Tatkal Tickets


Fastest hands first…Tatkal booking goes on this criteria. If you are not a good typewriter and it’s going to be problematical sometimes, leaving you with ticketless hands and then postponement of your journey. So We are providing you with this chrome extension  IRCTC No Session Expire chrome extension. It is the best available solution for a normal user to book your tatkal tickets one handily.Install from here and enable it from chrome extensions menu.

The first thing is that this extension prevents your session from expiring by auto reloading in a background.

This one also helps by filling all your details starting from login info, your destination and passenger details.(along with age and breath preference)

It also enlarges the captcha for your easy filling. Lastly, we recommend you can auto save the payment card details in your chrome browser. As it is always not safe to trust the third party extensions for auto filling payment details.

So with this extension, saving all details prior to your booking session all you have to do is clicking next buttons in time. so simply concentrate on it.

Now follow our screenshots to setup the extension for auto filling all your details.

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