How to Chat in Facebook App without Messenger


Hello, peeps! Here, I’m going to tell you about how to chat on Facebook without Messenger app in your device. You might be using all that Messenger application being suggested by the Facebook app, which according to me in my Samsung device consumes 70MB of RAM and Facebook itself which uses around 100 to 150 MB RAM, which would be considered as the pretty high amount and may slow down your device.

So check out the solution.

Just search the application known as Facebook Chat Enabler in Play Store.

All you have to do is install this app. Once Installed, you’ll get to see the skull icon. No need to get Scared. It is pretty safe. After you Open this app, you will be asked to download a package of 1MB or less. Once done, You can uninstall this app.

Get a note that this app won’t be working in android’s latest version 6.0. It is only applicable to a version which is below 6.0.

So, what this Application actually does is the package of messenger you just installed glitches the Facebook app as if Messenger app already being installed while the user is using other Facebook account from that. Sounds pretty clever.

So here are some advantages of using this:

-Obviously, it saves your Device’s RAM since you will never need to install messenger app again.

-Low application size

-Does not require any root access

-Plus You can have all features of Messenger app included.

Some Disadvantages as well:

-You cannot use calling feature with this app.

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-and cannot accept message request from this.

Also, there are some basic requirements before you install this app:

-Uninstall Facebook app and Messenger app from your phone if you have installed them already

-Android device above 5.0.

That’s all. If You’ve abidance to all these, you can all use Facebook messenger without a messenger.

Thank you, folks, for dropping by! Make sure you check this app out.

If you need further assistance, take a look at these:

Step 1: As I said, You need to install the Facebook app on your device

Step 2: Login to Your Facebook account:

Step 3: Open the Facebook Chat Enabler and tap on Install button

Step 4: As I said, it will download a small Package:

Step 5: After Download is complete, You can uninstall this Facebook chat enabler app. You won’t be needing it any longer

Last step: As promised, You can now use the Facebook application and chat with your friends without Messenger.


Link for Facebook Chat Enabler

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