Top 5 Free Video Calling Softwares for your Windows


We all want Communication with our Parents or friends once in a day since it is a fundamental structure for building any relationship. So, if you have you ever faced difficulties while making communications on your phone, which since past few years, has proven pretty expensive, You don’t need to worry at all while living in this generation of Free video calls.
So, take a look at our top 5 Video calling Softwares which has both the options of video and voice call:


Needless to say, Skype is one of the everyone’s top software for communication, let it be video chat or voice chat, due to its excellent functionalism and an online software by Microsoft.
Skype is free software with its availability for all Operating systems and devices. Known for its best voice quality, Skype also provides you with the facility of paid calls through which you can make calls at any phone number at a reasonable cost.

Link for Skype


ooVoo is perhaps another best video calling software, known for its features and quality for voice call after Skype. Best known for group chatting, which means you can chat with 12 persons or more at once. ooVoo is available for Windows and MAC OS and in different devices including Android and iPhones as well, with 30+ million users worldwide.

Link for ooVoo

3.Google Hangouts

Popular as a web-based video chat software, Google started this chat system recently, known as Google Hangouts. Its popularity has mainly risen due to trust all of us has on Google based on security and quality. Google hangouts let you make free face-to-face calls with 10 different people at same time. Hangouts are also available as a feature in Gmail account software and can be accessed by any browser.

Link for Hangouts

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Viber is again in the list of Best Video software list. Viber is available for Windows, Linux, and MAC OS. It enables you to chat with another Viber user around the world without any cost. It supports text, messages along with video calls. Best thing is It supports some cool stickers as well!

Link for Viber

5.IMO Messenger

IMO Messenger is just another free Video calling Software for your PC, best known for its user-friendly Interface and better voice and video calls.
It is free of cost and won’t be annoying you with any of its ads.

Link for imo

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