Long Terms Effects of Technology in present situation


Technology, a collection of knowledge technique and process to make anything innovative and suitable for human use. India being developing country with a huge population has two completely different worlds which differ in each and every way. Nowadays technology is the only key to open the locks of differences and shape a developed India. If you compare the lifestyle of people in today’s time, you will see that it is more advanced and high tech compared to previous years. People owe this to bright minds of those who keep on developing numerous advanced types of equipment. Technology provides great changes to one’s life, making things more accessible and easier to handle. It is really great to manage things with just one click of a finger, giving you a lot comfort and positive results as well.

Long-Term Positive Effects:

Living in technological worlds allows people to achieve great things in just a short period of time. Due to advanced technology, communication was made easier. They are able to establish units which allow people to talk and see people living across the boundaries. Keeping in touch with the one you love is very easy. This had given great opportunity not just to families and friends but also for the businessman as well. Because of easier access to people from different countries, this had open greater opportunity for their business. A wide range of people can now access and see products and services even if it’s a thousand miles away from their location.

For people with disabilities, technology had given them the chance to access things easily. They do not need to manually get things done, since with just a few clicks of the remote; they could easily get what they want. Technology provided and established equipment that will make the life of old people or with a disability a lot easier.

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For medical related advances, conducting and undergoing medical checkups is very advance. You will no longer need to wait for a longer period of time for the result. Due to technology, people now are able to monitor their health without the need of going to their health care provider. They develop things that will aid in easier illness identification and treatment.

Every coin has two faces, in the same way, if technology enriches us with comfort it also has a dark side. It serves as a good servant but leads as the worst master. Technology is to fulfill our necessities not to meet our all illegal desires. Excess of anything leads to disastrous outcomes. So it’s completely irrelevant to expect a different result from excessive use technology. Technology should be used in a limit in order to be constructive and innovative for mankind.

Long Term Negative Effects:

Social Issues:

Due to the wrong use of advanced technology, people are able to develop social isolation. This is being characterized by the lack of communication or contact to people in a normal daily living like social activities, friends, and workplace. They are able to isolate themselves by means of spending greater time listening to iPods, spending time in front of the computer and usage of mobile devices. According to research, people that suffer from social isolation are identified to live a shorter life.

Health Issues:

Since greater numbers of people are being engrossed playing video games, online chatting and a lot more. They spend a lesser amount of time exercising or being socially active. They unconsciously undergo a mindlessly eating habit that causes obesity.


Technology is the one that created the perfect formula for depression due to human’s lack of contact, inactive lifestyle and overeating.

Poor sleeping habit is another disadvantage of technology. There are things that people are getting interested into which makes them stay up too late and wake up too early as well. Online activities make the brain uneasiness or relax. The screens ambient glow also affects melatonin release or also known as sleep chemical. It would be better to keep the stuff outside the room to acquire the healthier habit.

Whether a boon or a curse is a question that should be answered by understanding its long-term effects on this post-modern society we live in.

Technology has led to many breakthroughs, and a simple factor that leads to the rapid advances since the industrial age 200 years ago was population growth. With the mortality rate going down faster than it ever was in the past 10 millennia, there was every demand for commodities among the masses. This could only be sufficed by synthesizing a majority of all basic goods. Oil gave birth to polymers and soon enough plastic was created. This one particular advance in technology made the biggest boom in the industry. Similarly, cheap alternatives were created for almost everything that is a part of any human’s basic need anywhere in the world.

From stories of people from tens of thousands of year ago to wars to the advance in information technology. All of this is achieved, acquired and made possible through evolving technology. China is the biggest economy in the world because of technology, and it is also responsible for the existence and operational capabilities of ISIS.

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So the question, like so many strong unsolved debates, is technology a boon or a curse.

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  1. Anwesha says

    The technology that helps us in enormous ways, needs to be put in a limit in order to remain a boon for us. If left limitless, it won’t take time to turn into a curse. People can realise this fact from your article, Himshikha. Good work.

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