Avail 1 lakh rupees just using Aadhaar Card


Demonetization of currency is a historic step to curb the black money and I am glad to be a part of this historic move.

As a consequence of demonisation, we made a move towards the digital wallet which is a good sign.

Most of the digital wallets provide you the to avail usage up to ₹20,000 only but techie swag provides you the way to avail the limit of ₹1lakh, wanna find how is it possible let’s move on.


1-Firstly download the latest MOBIKWIK app

2-Now create a new account .

3-Head to top right corner and there click on the 3 line bar and choose the option to update the wallet.

4-Now link your AADHAR ID .avail 1 lakh rupees

5-Then you will receive an opt for the mobile number linked to the AADHAR.

6-Hurray now you can avail ₹ 1lakh benefit.

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