8 Best Free Email Service Providers of 2018


Today In this modern era, everyone is in need of a method of exchanging messages between people using electronic devices. So for this, Email is one of the best ways to do it. It is a more specific and secure way to share your information. All you need to do is create an account with the email service provider and you should be good to go. So here are some of the best email providers with some really awesome features:

By doing enough research, I made this list of these service providers according to their reviews and ratings in 2018. Hope this will help you to select one according to your needs.


8 Best Free Email Service Providers of 2018                                                Source: http://logos.wikia.com/wiki/Gmail

When we hear the word email the first word which comes to our mind is Gmail. Yes, this is one is the most common service provider in the world. According to 2018, Gmail is used by more than 1 billion monthly active users which is really a huge amount. The main matter of fact is that it has various features in it. Mentioning the highlights, you get 10 GB of free Drive storage which can be used to store emails and along with that your other stuff like photos, videos etc. We can also manage the labels that are the combination of tag and folder. There is also the spam folder which keeps you safe from phishing messages from attackers. It is much secure than any other service provider. The modified email address can be made which resembles yourname@yourcompany.com. And also there are lots of services that Google provides to you that are accessible only if you make a Gmail account. So explore the Google services and see what your mail can do for you.



8 Best Free Email Service Providers of 2018                              Source: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/d/outlook-2016/

The interface of outlook is much cleaner than Gmail containing only the email and generic ads cleaner. The storage space of outlook is virtually unlimited space meaning that space grows with the size of your inbox. It also allows you to send attachments up to 100 MB in size or up to 300 MB if you link your SkyDrive account which is free from Microsoft. The organization of outlook is somehow similar to Gmail with a feature called sweep which is almost but not quite likes Gmail. The accessibility of this is something different in that you need to remember separate login credentials and you can access different types of software through a protocol called pop. This means that using third party email program won’t sync to the mail server, for example, if you send an email to someone using let’s say, mail app on the iPhone then the sent message won’t appear when you look for it in outlook on your web browser.


8 Best Free Email Service Providers of 2018                                        Source: https://www.mail.com/int/

It is a somewhat web-based email service provider owned by a German internet company. It has unlimited storage with the variety of articles, videos, and web application. This contains a wide range of choice over 200 domains, file storage, and collection of various emails from other accounts (which is now a paid service).But an unfortunate fact is that it has the right to cancel the domain whenever they want, even for premium (paid) accounts.

4.Zoho Mail: 

8 Best Free Email Service Providers of 2018                                        Source: https://www.pcmag.com/business

It is basically used by the small business because it comes as a part of package solution to help the client for their business purposes. It can easily handle and keep track of expenditures and can project future revenue. You can customize this mail with your logo and even can create custom login URL. The spam control is very much easily present here that there is a key for the spam control. You can manually enter the email address of the sender whose messages you want to be redirected to these folders. This service has unlimited inbox storage so that you don’t need to delete any messages. It also proved to be easy to use in our tests and easily connects to any of the cloud storage programs.

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5.Yahoo mail:

8 Best Free Email Service Providers of 2018                                              Source: https://www.pcmag.com/feature/

Introducing the yahoo mail, with which you can keep the inbox and your life more organized than ever with a cleaner look, personalized color themes and streamlined features. It is easier to stay on top of the things that matter most. We created views in a smarter way to browse, share and quickly view photos and documents. It is a faster way to get the email it was attached to. It has refined the way you can search. You can enter the contacts and the keywords at the same time to find what you are looking for quickly and simply. With the new yahoo mail, you can find and navigate to everything you have sent or received much more- faster. So try the new yahoo mail today innovation in your inbox.


8 Best Free Email Service Providers of 2018                                             Source: https://www.gmx.com/

In comparison to all the above, the GMX can help you to manage all of your different email accounts and keep everything organized in just one Gmail mailbox. Adding a mere collector account is child’s play, just pick your email provider from the list and enter the login details. GMX automatically checks if the login details were correctly or not. It can also retrieve your e-mail from your third party accounts.


7.Inbox.com:8 Best Free Email Service Providers of 2018

Source: https://www.google.com/inbox/

Inbox is really a new email client probably designed more for your mobile platform than for your desktop platform. It is going to try and tie and include reminders and tasks a little bit more in the interface. It gives us a little bit more functionality but they are also trying to provide us a different view and way of looking at our data and information. It groups emails together, emails that have different threads running through them. It doesn’t do so in a generalized way instead it does it on a more granular level, much like nested emails. It gives us 5 GB of space with lots of free functionality.

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8.Fast-mail :

8 Best Free Email Service Providers of 2018                                      Source: https://www.fastmail.com/about/press.html

Fast-mail is an old contender with other email suppliers. They are giving first-class email administrations for 10 years now. They have capable spam channels which naturally sorts your messages in envelopes. One free arrangement incorporates 25 Mb of email storage room, IMAP association benefits alongside 120 days of latency time.

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