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To just name a few best Android Business apps is a great challenge in itself. We have to consider numerous factors before penning them down. From uncountable complicated chores and the strenuous project assignments, businesses have to deal with all. To help businesses work efficiently, all their operations must be controlled such that their duties are performed on time. Thus, we have noted the top 5 business apps to serve the purpose at its best.

1.TheOneSpy- The monitoring app.

It is an exemplary app to monitor all the productive and unproductive activities of the workers in the organization. It aids in identifying productivity of the workers and also prevents certain workers from involving in unproductive activities. This app allows you to read emails, messages and social media chat messages of the workers in the organization.

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It also helps you to track the GPS location of the distant workforce and record both incoming and outgoing calls of the marketing team with the call representatives. The live screen sharing feature and the screen recording feature of the app help in supervising all of the organization’s staff activities taken up by them on their smartphones.

2.PayPal- The transaction app.

One of the finest business apps, specially designed for medium and small-sized businesses. Millions of businesses use this app to organize their transactions and invoices in the best way.

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This android app may also stand useful in the transaction carried between the manager and the employees of the organization. The receiving and sending money is more secure and monitored as it supports fingerprint technology. Another PayPal’s app named PayPal Business can be used for business purposes.

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3.Skype- The video call app.

This is a well-known business app for all the Business Managers. It is a video-conferencing app used for both internal and external communication. This platform stands flexible, you can use the front-facing camera for video calling and users can be connected to any device.

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If you are in a distant place and not able to attend the meeting, do not worry as this app helps you to connect with the staff meeting with just a video- conference call. It is said to be one of the top trending business app accompanied by the social media.


4.AirDroid- Easy transfer app.

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This android app allows users to control their Android devices from the window of any Browser. It helps you to transfer files across various platforms, without even USB cable and mobile data. It is the best productive app used vastly for transferring photos, videos, and files with other users. It is a very useful Business app as it allows you to remotely control all the devices of the Business managers through a centralized approach.


5.FreshBooks- The accounting app.

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Capture your expenses? Want to know instantly about the invoices of the transaction done? Then, this is obviously a perfect app to go with. A very strange app to define with. Its uses stand many. It is a top 1 cloud-based accounting solution app which is designed absolutely for small business, now used by various Business professionals. Although, it helps in: invoicing, tracking time and getting paid instantly and also recording invoices. What a useful Business app, isn’t it!


Finally, these are just a few Business android apps named but there are numerous apps to pen down useful for today’s business world.

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