5 Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android


5 Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android

Best Ad Blocker Apps

Do you really want to get rid of the annoying and disturbing apps? Then you must surely check out these 5 best ad blocker apps for Android. Every time, you open an app on Android, you can never abscond from these apps. Well, some websites make a bit of money through these ads as they might navigate to particular websites or browsing pages while a few just go damn crazy with ads in their pages. Small screen or a bigger screen as a computer, you are always annoyed with these chunks of ads. So, why not know the best 5 ad blockers for Android.

best ad blocker apps

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Pros and cons for any entity are for sure. That’s very true that we do not want these Pop-ups to annoy us but sometimes, some ad blocker applications might also hinder the functionality on particular site or a webpage. The below-mentioned apps are considered to be one of the best ones.


  1. AdBlock Plus.

One of the trending apps for the purpose to be served. It is one of the free adblockers for Android OS for rooted phones. It may not be found in the Play Store but still, they are providing on their website. Through this app, you can actually save your battery life too and subsequently saving your precious data by blocking ads. It can filter all the unwanted traffic and detect malware behind any ads.

best ad blocker apps

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It so happens that sometimes, the browser with a pop-up is not going to cut it. At this point in time, AdGuard should be a better option. Browsing has always been interesting but never these annoying ads. Thus, through AdGuard you can get a traffic-free web with no or minimal apps improving your browsing experience. With the ad block feature, it also includes features such as phishing, malware detection, firewall and also gives you the finest web speed.

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best ad blocker apps

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Suggested by many, among best ad blocker apps this is one of the best Android apps for Ad blocking. Simple to use, it just gets away with all undesired ads. It uses the Host’s file very effectively, subsequently redirecting connections to various ad services on your local device. You really have a wonderful option here to either whitelist or blacklist a particular APIs or domains. If you feel that the app or the website justifies showing ads, you can simply whitelist it. Else, it can be blocked.

best ad blocker apps

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  1. AppBrain Ad Detector.

best ad blocker apps

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Sniffing up pop-ups and ads is its specialty. It not only does the work of Snooping a certain piece of advertising, rather “sniffs” out. Spam ads are locked down and it also pushes notifications while analyzing and detecting particular harmful app networks. The particular tool used by the developer can also be known through this. You can also look for particular SDKs used.

5.Opera Browser.

This stands to be one of the oldest browser ever made for mobile and smartphone users. With a whopping 300+ Million unique users, it is one of the extensively used apps. To get rid of the unwanted ads on Opera is a cakewalk. Just choose a language and just check with the option of getting rid of ads and you can just click on it. Further, you can undo your settings if necessary.

best ad blocker apps

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Finally, the above-mentioned apps are listed to be the best and hence can be used for ad blocking in Android.

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