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Gb Whatsapp is an app that allows you to use two Whatsapp application in one mobile phone. Many people needed something to make themselves feel secure in terms of privacy. However, this matter seems rather hard to do, moreover if you have been using social media for business. Communication app like Whatsapp also holds the biggest role here as the main choice for communication. Obviously, you cannot use two different number for an app like Whatsapp, hence, people might need something more to keep their privacy. Gb WhatsApp is one of the solutions that GBmods came up with. It is made similar to WhatsApp, but you can see that there is a much more useful feature you can’t find in Whatsapp. In order to download the gbwhatsapp app then follow the link below. The application is absolutely free you don’t have to pay a single penny for this.

Download gbwhatsapp app

Installing Gb WhatsApp will allow you to use 2 Whatsapp accounts in an android device. When people start asking about its credibility, of course, there would be no solid answer for that. Looking that this app is developed by a third party, there is no 100% guarantee that it would stay safe forever. However, looking at the fact that this app is not getting banned up until now, you might start to believe that this app is not harmless. However, the downloading and installation part is really simple which exactly similar to how to download normal apps from the play store
The fact that you would get two Whatsapp, means that there would be two different data archives for each app. You don’t have to worry about your original Whatsapp application because there would be no interference from Gb Whatsapp database. You can also still use your original Whatsapp application without any changes because of installing the modded version.
If you want to have this app on your phone, you have to download the app first. There are so many sources on the internet, you can choose any of them as long as the site is trusted. Always check for reviews before downloading from any unknown website because some sites would make you download some malware along with the app. When you have already installed the app, it will ask you to input a mobile number, which will be used for receiving OTP(one-time password) for verification. Once you have input the correct number, you would be able to use the app and all its features.

Gb Whatsapp is designed for people which need more privacy without buying a second mobile phone. Using this modded app also allows you to use some features that you can’t even find in Whatsapp. Make sure to download from trusted sources to prevent unwanted malware.


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  • There are lots of themes and layout to check out.
  • You get an inbuilt app lock feature which enables you to lock all your chats without the help of any third party app
  • More icons have been added
  • You can pin more than 1000 chats and send high-quality videos and images.
  • Gets frequent updates so that you can get rid of bugs or any other issues
  • You can also share huge files which are of 50 MB and the new kind of emojis have been added.
  • The themes can also be created by yourself or by your own without any restrictions.
  • The gbwhatsapp has the feature to convert the foreign language into your desired language moreover it supports more than 80 languages.
  • The most interesting thing is now they have provided feedback forms wherein you can send a request regarding the issue you are facing and they will try to solve them in the future updates


Those were the important features covered in the above paragraph and if you want to know some more additional features and working mechanism them make sure visit the URL video given below. One last thing is gbwhatsapp is compatible to all the devices and all the Android versions of your smartphones thus you can download it on any smartphone without any restrictions but make sure that your Android version must be above 4.0.

Lastly If you are searching for the app with unique and extraordinary features other than WhatsApp then this gbwhatsapp is the best app to use for instant messaging or even if you get bored with the boring themes of whatsapp or boring interface then you can use this gbwhatsapp app and you won’t find any difficulty in operating this app. There is a video link provided below in order to know some more additional features.

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