Top 11 News Apps in Android


Availability: Free

It’s basically your personal magazine. Just follow the news on the particular topics you like. You want to read a news or see a video? You get the best of both.


Availability: Free

It’s not just a news app, but it has got recipes, life tips, trending topics as well. You can share a particular post also and as well comment your thoughts about it.


Availability: Free

This also isn’t merely a news app. You get your whole YouTube collection here; it also has your favorite podcasts. One gets to read blogs here. It is powered by RSS. You can connect to multiple news’ websites in this app.


Availability: Free

You get the best discussions to see here as well as participate also. You get the trending news topics to read.

  • NEWS360

Availability: Free

Simple. Personalize your news as per your needs. You get to read the headlines, get the preview of the news and then read the news. You can also save stories for you to read them afterward.


Availability: Free

Don’t have much time to go through all the news? This app is the best for you. You can read the everyday news in just 60 words per news. Isn’t it really good?

  • TOI

Availability: Free

Well, everyone has heard of The Times of India newspaper. Then you should download its app as well. You get Live TV also. Whatever news you get in the newspaper, you get to read more than that here.

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Availability: Free

A Proper BBC Worldwide news app you would want.

  • LinkedIn PULSE

Availability: Free

You must have heard about LinkedIn. They have also started a news app.


Availability: Free

You see it’s Google, so can’t question its capabilities. It covers 75000 publications! It also shows weather conditions.


Availability: Free

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