Convert video to gif animation in android phone


There are so many now you can find to make GIF animation(Graphic Interchange Format) either by online or by software that are available through playstore

Here are some of the GIF maker found by us that make so easy in use

1)Gif Maker-Gif Editor(Kayak studio)

gif animation

It’s a quick GIF maker that it allows the user to change any sort of video to quick animated GIF.It’s done by either camera that we take instantly or by pre-saved videos or photos After created GIF that it can be shared by whatsapp,facebook etc.,

Link for GIF maker-GIF Editor

2)Gif Maker-Video & Photo to GIF


It’s unique feature is that GIF itself can be edited by adding new stickers and text content.It’s same as like other GIF apps that it can be made instantly and shared via whatsapp,facebook,hike etc.,

Link for Gif Maker-Video & Photo to GIF

3)Images to GIF


It has interesting feature is that It only create GIF of images  photos convert into GIF in a small size and play smoothly like a video. Instant videos can be done easily by just taking photos and arrange it order wise then the app do its work.

Link for Images to GIF

Online GIF maker

Many online sites that provide us free GIF maker that just upload the video that we’ld like to edit and select the time dilation and save it.




Apart from these sites and apps there are so many applications and many methods found through sites.

If any new features found comment us below and share interesting info.

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