How to use whatsapp new status feature


Now onwards, iPhone, Android, and Windows users can send photos, videos, and GIFs through this new Status feature to share special moments throughout their day with their friends and family.

first thing is you have to update the app,t hen you will see that the WhatsApp status update tab is present near the Calls and Chats tab. here you will find the status tab

  1. Tap on the Status tab.

2.Here you will get all the status of your contacts have posted.

3.Tap on a status to reply to that person. The replies can send to regular chats along with the snapshot of that person’s Status.

4.For posting your own Status update, you have to click on the dotted circle with plus sign. Or you can just tap on “My Status”.

5.Your updated Status message will automatically expire after 24 hours. Another thing is, if you want to delete your Status message, you will have to tap on the 3 dots in front of your Status. In the next Window, you will have to long press the Status and select delete option.

But be cautious…Status privacy

important thing is that you have to set the privacy options carefully.

This Status feature has three privacy options, by tapping on three dots on the top right in the main Status window we can be accessed.

The three options are:

Share with contacts:  this feature lets you share  status with all your contacts whose numbers you have saved

Share with contacts but exclude: This lets you bar certain people from getting your Status updates. This feature lets

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Say, for example, All the times you don’t want to share your whats app update to all your contacts but you doesn’t want it to go to certain people who may bother and pests on this feature you can tell whats app about contacts that who should not receive your status updates.

Share with only a few: By this feature, you exclude everyone in your contact list except the ones who you have added specifically from getting your status update.for example, you use this option when you want to get your status update only your family members. It is a whitelist option, whereas the earlier one was like blacklist option.

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