Bring back the old WhatsApp status in Android


How to bring back the old status in WhatsApp:
By this Thursday WhatsApp has introduced the new version of the WhatsApp. This was mainly based on the live status tab near to the chat tab. By this new version, we can see that status only within 24 hours of time. However, this technique has been updated prayer in the hike. Hike application has done it before the 6 months. Now WhatsApp introduced this version, so by this, we lost our older post or status.
This is a good idea that may free up your memory space that occupied your extra memory. But, however, it seems to be a good idea. There is the lacking in the view of status. In hike the were allowed you to see this status 48 hours since from the post has been posted. So we can suggest a feedback to the WhatsApp that to get back the WhatsApp. Else we can make the status share to the person who you want to be shared. Then you can get the status again.
WhatsApp online may help you to get the WhatsApp status back. WhatsApp may make an alternative path for it as soon as possible, we hope that WhatsApp may bring some solutions to get the status back. We can back up the status in Settings options. Backup may help the user to get the status to store and retrieve that back.

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