Top 10 play store banned apps in Android


Top 10 play store banned apps:
TubeMate :
TubeMate is a solid android app because it lets you download YouTube videos onto your android device. TubeMate has been around for quite some time, but it is the go-to app if you want to download YouTube videos and watch them without any Wi-Fi or data connection. The TubeMate now a days not available in play store but it available in so other download websites. Since the TubeMate is good application for the YouTube videos download the application is banned in play store.
OGInsta :
OGInsta is an android app for those who have using the Instagram. OGInsta is the application that allows user to long press and zoom in on pictures to view perfectly. Also, this application gives you the option of downloading pictures and videos on Instagram. Since Instagram is not support the following features and benefits as this application provides.
FileChef :
FileChef is the application helps the users and also allows users to download any file user had think had of. This includes: apps, movies, Television shows, mp3 songs, and much more. The interface is very simple, and there is not much of a learning curve. The application is similar to the Hotstar. Also , more than it and now a days it banned from the play store.
Fildo :
Fildo is a new music app that allows user to stream and download music. The best part of this app is the quantity of songs that it contains and also provides good efficiency. It has thousands moreover of songs. All you have to do is search for an artist, song, or album and then it will have it. I highly recommend this app if you want free music. Now , it not available in the play store please refer the some other websites for downloading the application.
CinemaBox HD :
The users who love all those movies, anime, cartoons and sitcom are there, Cinemabox is the app that is made just for those kind of users. By downloading this app users do not need to spend any money and users can easily watch the latest entertaining movies, cartoons etc. Also with just your cell phones or other devices such as phablet tab etc.

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LuckyPatcher :
LuckyPatcher is an app that lets you hack any android app or game. It gives you the option of getting free in-app purchases, removing licenses, ads removal, and much more futures. By using this application you can save the additional data usage during ads appears.
Mobdro :
Mobdro is a very solid live Television android app that has been around for quite some time. It has some of the best channels and also includes a 24/7 movies section. That the user can watch wherever they need. Whenever whatever and wherever user can watch the live or old videos on television.
Mixplorer :
MiXplorer is a file explorer that is customizable and it is definitely one of the top file explorer. The interface is very stunning, and very easy to follow. Where the Mixplorer is similar to ES File Explorer and many more features were there in the application.
Aptoide :
Aptoide is one of the top apps on this list. Aptoide allows the users to get paid android apps and games for free, and it can be used as a play store alternative. The application help user to download the files like play store and it seems like an alternate.
F-Droid :
F-Droid gives you a bunch of tweaks and addons that user can enhance their Android device with. It can be compared to a Play Store but it is only full of tweaks. So users let may try this application too.
Summarization :
The many applications for the user are more useful and user friendly applications that has been banned by the play store have the alternative application for downloading it the users can try those applications by searching for it .

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  1. Ryan Long says

    You forgot messenger plus. Was a huge messenger app used by millions then mysteriously got banned for “copyright reasons.”

    1. Admin says

      Yeah,It is also one of the banned apps.

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