Following are the top five innovative apps in Android:



Availability: Free

People nowadays are really addicted to their phones. Android play store has an app for you then. It lets you keep yourself away from your mobile for a particular time period. You are allowed to set a time duration during which it locks you out of your device
No need to worry, you still can make emergency calls and have access to the lock screen.



Availability: Free
Want to learn new languages? Well, this is the right app for you. Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Turkish and English, these many languages are taught. You get to read, write and speak a language of your choice.

3) PHOTOMATH- Camera Calculator


Availability: Free
It’s the kind of app you should not use because you should solve your math problems on your own. But still, on the positive side, it’s a really good app. You just have to scan your math problems through your phone’s camera and tada, your sum gets solved. This app shows you the whole solution step-by-step. One should definitely give it a try.

4) AWAIR- Breathe Easy


Availability: Free
It will simply tell you the quality of air inside a particular place. It checks 5 different points: Temperature, Humidity, CO2, VOCs and Dust and then tells you the appropriate quality of air for the place.

5) SMARTPHONE LOCK- Lockscreen


Availability: Free
Are you one of those people who every time forgets their phone password or the lock screen pattern? Then you need to install this app as soon as possible. This app will set your current phone pin as the current time. The pin will change every minute, so you as well do not need to worry people peeping into your phone to see your pin. There are different modes in which you can change the settings: current time as your pin, reverse time as your pin, pin 5 minutes ahead of the current pin.

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