Remove stock apps from Android without root


In Android, there are some stock apps that have installed from the Google or manufacturing company. As we all know to be installed close where is almost useless which not only slow down the phone’s performance but also consumes a lot of memory and RAM. These apps also drain the battery time to time. However, you can’t just remove these apps from the device in a quick way. You have one option in your hand that you can root the phone but here I give the way of removing stock apps from your phone without rooting. Actually, you cannot totally remove the stock apps from this way but somehow they get disappear from your phone so that RAM and battery power is less consuming.

For this, First of all, you have to enable Debugging. And for enabling it, go to the settings of your Android phone and scroll down. There you get the option of About Phone where you get the option of build number. Then tap on it for 7 to 10 times which show a message there that you have a developer option or either there is a direct default option in the settings of Developer. In the developer option, USB Debugging option is there and enable it. Connect the phone to your PC.

Remove stock apps from Android without root

Remove stock apps from Android without rootAfter that, you have to install some software for removing the apps without rooting which can be done through any PC. In your PC, install ADB software and another one is Debloater. For installing ADB, right click on the ADB software and click on the Run as Administrator. Here you get the blue terminal where you have to press ‘y’ and move on. This way, you can able to install this app.

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Remove stock apps from Android without rootNext, you need to do is Install the Debloater and open it. There you get a warning that ensures you not to remove those apps which are related to your OS so that your device cannot brick. By pressing Ok, you get the black windows on the screen.

Warning message after installing Debloater:

Remove stock apps from Android without rootAt the left corner of this software, you get the option of Read Device Package where you have to click on it. After clicking on it, all the application will read from your device here. Now you can search the app which you have to remove and just select them. Lastly, click on the apply box in the left of the window.

Remove stock apps from Android without rootIn this way, you may able to get rid of the app or remove from the device. It helps you to save your RAM and battery power more than before.

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