How to find ATM with cash using android-walnut


How to find ATM with cash using android-walnut:
Introduction :
The Walnut is the application created by the ThumpWorks Pvt Ltd. The application is based on financial services and solutions. Walnut crossed the 1 million downloads and with the ratings of 4.4 in the Google play store. Having a good and several features that help the user in following ways. Also, consume less than 6 MB for downloading the file.
Why Walnut and what it does?
Walnut analyses your SMS inbox to track spends and ATM withdrawals. Walnut does not read your personal SMS (e.g. from a 10 digit mobile number), emails or upload any sensitive data. See FAQ for more details
*New feature* Find an #ATM with Cash and get notification alerts when an ATM becomes active near you. For selected ATMs, you can now also know if a particular ATM has Rs. 100, 500 or 2000 notes.
Auto-track bank, ATM transactions, debit/credit cards & bills securely without any bank passwords. How? Simple, Walnut analyses your SMS inbox on phone and detects important information like spends, bills, and tickets.

Find ATMs with Cash near you in real-time – based on aggregate Walnut user transactions and inputs.
Take Control of your Money that ‘What’, ‘How’ & ‘Where’ of you have spends your money.
Split expenses with friends – The slickest bill split experience!
Transfer money to your friends for Free – send money direct to bank accounts, no more money stuck in wallets, no need to remember account numbers and IFSC codes.
Bank and credit card dues at a Glance.
Pay your Credit Card Bills.
Export your data and also you can generate expense reports.
Check your current Bank Balance using this application.
40+ Banks and cards supported support this application (India only).

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Special features and benefits:
Walnut keeps track of your monthly ATM withdrawals so you don’t pay overuse fees
Keep track of train, taxi, movie bookings and more
Make your own custom categories to track expenses and quickly add cash spent too
Add notes, tags and bill/receipt photos to transactions
Easily search for expenses, tags or notes
Look up information on places you visit and share with friends and social networks
Walnut does not read your personal SMSs or upload any sensitive data, see for more details
Report your bank, card or any interesting messages right from within the app! We will quickly add support for these

Why Walnut needs the following permissions:
* Reading and Writing external storage:
Explanation: Required for the Google Maps functionality to show the Active ATMs on a Map
* Reading and Receiving messages:
Explanation: This is at the heart of the automated expense manager, we automatically figure out the expenses from Bank SMSs that are received by the customer
* Access for fine location:
Explanation: Required for auto-categorisation of your spends and to show you your spends & ATM location map
* Getting account details:
Explanation: Required to fetch the Google email that we use for login credentials
* Reading contacts:
Explanation: Required to split a bill with a friend.

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