How To Generate Qr Code Using Android Mobiles


We see QR Codes around you, in magazines, newsletters, advertisements etc. and know that they have information embedded in them such as Web sites, locations, and email addresses.Since smartphones with the ability to scan these QR Codes, many business and individuals have started to use them and simply provide the important information to people just in their smartphones. The QR code can carry information and actions such as opening internet browser and locate to a web page and much more. If you want to start with this type of spreading information and want to make your own QR code read the instructions below to know how to make them on an Android-based phone.

Creating QR code on Android device instructions:

  1. Tap on the “Google Play” icon to launch the store app.
  2. Tap in the search field, write “Barcode Generator” and search it.
  3. Tap on the “Barcode Generator / Reader” icon for the free app.
  4. Accept the application access and install the app.
  5. Now, go to “applications” and tap on the “Barcode Generator / Reader“ app.
  6. Tap on the ”Text” drop-down and specify what action you want to make (e.g. URL for opening a specific web page).
  7. Tap on „Generate“ button.

Now you can Save or Share the generated QR code by tapping on the actions buttons at the bottom of your screen.



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