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In this fast moving world, being health conscious has taken a toll due to the alarming rate of Diabetics, Obesity and heart diseases. To keep this in control, there are so many apps that have taken over the play store to help people take care of their health. Let us see the top most used apps among them:-

1.Daily Yoga:-

top 10 health apps

The traditional way of yoga is in your pocket, on your mobile. This app allows you to enjoy the splendid experience of yoga, with 500+ yoga poses with complete instructions with various yoga music, Scheduled plans for various exercises, the online class conducted by an expert on a regular basis with Google Fit support. This app is also available in 7 languages which also makes this app globally fit.

2. Couch to 5k :

This running training app for 9 weeks, trains you to get off your couch and get running. This winner of the 2012 Appy Award for best Healthcare and fitness app, lets you gain your fitness level spending just 20 to 30 minutes, three times per weeks and then you are there fit and ready for your first 5k race! The features include training plan exclusively designed by trainers, listening to your favorite playlists and built-in app music player, tracking your best performance by repeating the workouts and accurate graphical representations for workouts to compare distance and pace.

3.Instant Heart rate

This uses the latest features and is very simple to use just a fingerprint will do with not any need to install any external hardware. It has a wide range of users of over 25 million users.It has the real-time PPG graph with Cardio workout monitoring facilities. This app helps you sort out any risk of heart diseases and thus help you overcome it.

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This personalized Run training app is designed specially by Olympians and running professionals for beginners to experts. You can customize your training plans as per your schedule. You can also get daily tips through this app and improve your fitness level.

5.Google Fit

Google has produced numerous amazing applications and this is absolutely one of them.This works up just by the 3 steps:-
1.Activate 60 minutes a day
2.Pick a goal
3.Take 10,000 steps a day

This app automatically tracks your activities through GPS and other gadgets you wear.It then records your runs, walks, and rides. You have a goal set within the app which motivates you through the run. This is an all-in-one fitness app through which you can track your Fitness, nutrition and calorie level.

6.Runtastic Running & Fitness

This Editor’s choice winning free personal GPS fitness tracker allows you to simply go on with your activities and track the distance run, calories burnt and all other info. This is the best app for performing activities for staying fit. This app also claims that it is suitable for marathon runners. So there is a deal here and you can definitely try it out.


This app is basically designed for people who are willing to reduce their weight in a healthy yet interesting manner. Through this app, you can wirelessly SYNC your Fitbit Surge and one or zip tracker with your android device. You can track your daily goals and compete with your friends. This app also provides you with ALL DAY HEART RATE TRACKING with Fitbit Surge and Charge HR.

8.My Diet Coach-Weight Loss

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This is the best motivation app through which you can track your weight loss. This app can help you make healthy lifestyle changes, keep yourself on track, resist food craving and avoid laziness.This app is known for its insisting on drinking enough water for a day and for its best weight loss motivation with lots of inspiring tips and quotes.It is absolutely free and users will be able to access it easily.


Through this app, get you will be able to sync your fitness apps and wearables for getting benefitted from it.This app is one of the growing apps and it has improved a lot in recent days.

10.Calorie Counter

This is the fastest and the easiest app and it has the largest food database of over 6,000,000 foods and it is growing daily.This app reports that it’s members have lost around 200 million pounds combined and it is a great sign of an effective app, isn’t it?

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