Top five Vocabulary Apps for Android


Do you feel the need of a good and healthy vocabulary when you watch a foreign movie or go to posh parties around you?

If the answer to above questions is “Yes”, then you aspire to learn vocabulary. However, if your schedule does not allow you to run through a dictionary, then the below Android Apps will help you out and save your time:


This is a combined learning tool and game that allows you to either learn or retain words you choose or words the app has chosen for you or has recommended to you. You will be pleased to know that uses sophisticated algorithms to customize questions and exercises just for you.

  1. PowerVocab

How about a game while improving your vocabulary? PowerVocab is a definition matching game that does not create too much of a nuisance while teaching you words. You are required to match words against multiple-choice definitions. The exciting part is you get to compete against other players and play against the clock.


  1. Magoosh Vocabulary Builder

This vocab-quiz app is similar to PowerVocab but helps you on a whole new level. It is specifically aimed at improving scores on the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) used for entries into graduation colleges. Magoosh is basically an online prep company that helps graduate school applicants do better on the English and vocab portion of the GRE and other exams.


  1. A Word A Day Widget

This is another vocabulary app from the people who produced and launched PowerVocab. A Word A Day Widget flashes a new vocabulary word on your device’s home screen every day.

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  1. 7 Little Words

This fun little vocabulary game gives you seven definitions and tiles with combinations of two or more letters on them that you need to arrange into the seven words. You learn as you narrow down your choices from words you know to words you don’t.


I hope the above 5 apps do help you in enriching your vocabulary.

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