Top 20 Handy VLC Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

  1. Space Bar to Play or Pause

The most-used functions while playing a video/audio are play and pause, and thus VLC assigned it to the biggest key on your keyboard, the Space Bar. Space Bar can be used as play/pause key when it comes to media players.

  1. F to toggle Full Screen

Just hit the ‘F’ key on the keyboard and it’ll take you to full-screen mode and window mode on VLC.

3. Exit Full Screen

Just hit the Esc key on the keyboard and it’ll take you to normal VLC screen mode. Escape key will help you quickly exit full screen.

4. A to Change Aspect ratio

Aspect ratio in simple words is the width to the height ratio of the video. When you play a video, it will not automatically fit your window, and you can do it just by hitting the button A on the keyboard to do that quickly.

5. Z to Change Zoom Mode

Using Z you can quickly zoom in and out the video in window mode. It cycles between one-quarter, half, original and double.

6. Alt+Left/Alt+Right to Fast Forward slow

Want to skip few seconds on the video then, simply press the Alt button along with the direction key in which you want to skip (right for forward and left to go back). Each key event will skip 10 seconds of your video.

7. Ctrl+Left/Ctrl+Right to Fast forward Medium

To skip a minute in the video then, simply press the Ctrl button along with the direction key in which you want to skip (right for forward and left to go back).


8. Ctrl+Alt+Left/Ctrl+Alt+Right to Fast forward long

If the seconds and a minute are not long enough, just combine both, the Alt and the Ctrl key along with the directional button to skip 5 minutes of the video. Well, that’s the longest you can get using the shortcut, any more than that, and you will have to use the seek bar.

Note: People who are using Intel HD Graphics card may need to disable their cards’ global hotkey before using the above shortcut.

9. Ctrl+Up/Ctrl+Down to Increase or Decrease Volume

To decrease or increase the volume of the video, just press the Ctrl key and use the up and down directional keys. It’s always easier to use the mentioned shortcut key than to hunt for the volume button.

10. M to Mute

Pressing the M button will mute or un-mute your video/audio.

11. CTRL + E to Adjust Audio/Video Effects

While playing a video or listening to a song, if at all you want to adjust the audio or video effects like equalizer, color contrasts, etc. pressing the Ctrl button along with E will bring on the Audio/Video Effects window.

12. T to Show Time (Remaining and Elapsed)

If you want to know the remaining or elapsed time of the video in full-screen mode, simply press the T button to get three-second info on the top right-hand corner of the video.

13. +/- to Play Faster/Slower

If you want to watch your videos in fast or bullet time mode, pressing the minus(-) button will slow your video playback speed, and the plus (+) will increase it.

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14. Play next in list/Play previous in the list

If you have multiple tracks in your playlist you can simply press the N or P key to play the next or previous media respectively.

15. S to stop the playback

Press the S button to stop your video. If you are in full-screen mode, your video will be stopped, and VLC will return to window mode.

16. Ctrl+ H to Hide/Unhide Default Controls

If you would like to hide default controls shown on VLC screen then, you can simply press the Ctrl + H button to hide and you can bring it back using the same.

17. Turn On/Off Subtitles

Subtitles are useful for understanding videos in foreign languages or just to ensure you don’t miss anything said in the video. You can quickly turn on or off subtitles with the keyboard shortcut just by pressing V key of the keyboard.

18. Open File

You can use Ctrl+O shortcut to quickly access the open media window. Here, you can browse your computer to look for media files and play them in VLC media player.

19. Move Frame By Frame

You can make your video move frame by frame to see each and every detail of a scene. Just press the E key to move the video per frame.

20. Take Screenshot

VLC media player allows you to quickly take a screenshot of a video to save it as a picture. Just press Shift+S while a video is playing and a screenshot will be taken and saved to your “Pictures” folder.

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