How to register and activate ChatSim easily


ChatSim work on all phones and the personal computer it has regular, micro and nano all included in one SIM by design.It allows you to connect with all your facebook friends, 2go account, Hitwe account, Twitter account, Line, Wechat account, WhatsApp without losing your connect all at the same time.ChatSim allows its users to enjoy a cut of 100% of unwanted data traffic and having a reliable special speed on 3G and 4G networks connects with the service operator with the best coverage


1. pay for chatsim

2. A white envelope which comes with chatsim logo visible will be sent to you.

3. Remove the SIM card that is compatible with your device.

Below are the out listed steps on how to register and enjoy chatsim on your Nokia phones, Android, Ipad, Iphone, personal computers and lot more.

To activate your chatsim below are steps on how to do so.


  1. The Customer buys the card at an Authorized Dealer
  2. Visit and click on “Login”
  3. Click on “Create a new account”
  4. Fill in the fields with the required data and click “Proceed”
  5. Fill in the fields with the sim card number and barcode and click “Enter”
  6. The sim will be activated immediately and will appear in the “Summary Sim”
  7. Insert the sim card in the smartphone or tablet
  8.  Configure data on your phone as follows:

             Activate the Roaming Data iOS: Menu > Settings >   Cellular > Data Roaming Android: Menu > Settings > Mobile Networks > Data Roaming Windows       Phone: Menu > Access Point

     9. Set APN Manual iOS:

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                 Menu > Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network Android: Menu > Settings > Mobile                    Networks > Access Point Names (APN) Windows Phone: Menu > Access Point ChatSim

 APN: User: mobile number of your ChatSim

Password: leave blank                     field ChatSim Plus APN:

chat User: mobile number of your ChatSim

Password: leave blank field

    10. Click on “Recharge” and pay by credit card

     11. Purchase at an Authorized Reseller a Scratch card click and follow the instructions to activate it.

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    Chat sim chahiy hai

  2. Md naseem says

    pay to chatsim email [email protected]

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