There are many ways to shut down our PC- we can turn the PC off completely, we can make it sleep, or we can hibernate the PC.

To Shutdown:

Select the “Start” button and then select “Power” button>Shutdown.


To Sleep:

This uses very little power, our PC starts up faster, we are instantly back to where we left off. We don’t have to worry that we’ll lose our work because of our battery drain because Windows automatically saves all our work and turns off the PC if the battery is too low. Use sleep when we’re going to be away from our PC for just a little while like when we’re taking a coffee break.

For a lot of PCs, our PC goes to sleep when we close our lid or press the power button.

To Make Our PC Sleep:

Open Power Options:

For Windows 10, in the search box on the taskbar, type power options and then select “Power Options”.

When we are ready to make our PC sleep, just press the power button on our desktop or close our PC’s power button.

On most PC’s we can resume working by pressing our PC’s power button. However, not all PCs are the same. We might be able to wake it by pressing any key on the keyboard, clicking a mouse button, or opening the lid on a laptop. Check the documentation that came with our computer or go to the manufacturer’s website.



This option was designed for laptops and might not be available for all PCs. (For example, PCs with Instant Go application don’t have the hibernate option.) Hibernate uses less power than sleep and when we start up the PC again, we are back to where we left off (though not as fast as sleep).


To hibernate our PC:

Open power options:

In the search box on the taskbar, type “Power options”, and then select “Power Options”.

Select Choose what the power button does, and then select “Change settings” that is currently unavailable. Under Shutdown settings, select the “Hibernate checkbox” (if it’s available), and then select “Save changes”.

Now we will be able to hibernate your PC in a few different ways:

Select the “Start button”, and then select “Power > Hibernate”. You can also press the “Windows logo key + X” on your keyboard and then select “Shutdown” or “Sign out > Hibernate”.



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