How to Control Pc with Android via Bluetooth / Wi-Fi


Follow the below steps and you can easily control PC with Android via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

1) First of you need to install an app called AIO Remote on your Android phone and you can download from Google play store.

2) After downloading and installing the app on your Android then you will need a server on your PC which will connect with the app on your Android Phone and you can download portable server for Mac/Windows/Linux which is compatible with your OS.

3) After downloading the server, install it on your PC and connect your AIO with your PC server and then AIO remote server icon will be displayed on the desktop and click on that icon and server will start by configuring the settings as shown in the image below.

4) After starting the server open the AIO Remote app on your phone and different options to work remotely with your PC will be shown on your phone, like File Manager, etc but you will not be able to work with those given options unless you tap the PC icon as shown is image given below.

5) Now you will see new screen after following the step-4 and at their tap on “+” icon which will be on top right corner and then enter title for your connection as per your need and then select connection type Bluetooth / Wi-Fi and open the AIO remote server on your PC as shown in image below and the screen will show server IP which is your Wi-Fi address and if Bluetooth is selected than Bluetooth address will be shown.

Bluetooth Connection: –If you select Bluetooth Connection then you will see as shown in the image below, it will ask for Bluetooth Address then just copy the address from your PC AIO Remote Server or you can also click on search and then connect with your PC Bluetooth. After that click on OK and then Bluetooth connection will be established.

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Wi-Fi Connection: –If you want to create Wi-Fi connection then you can see in the image given below, in which it will ask for the IP Address and then follow the same procedure as for Bluetooth connection.

6) Now you can see in the image shown below in which Android phone is connected to your PC with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi as selected by you earlier.

7) And finally, you can control your PC with your Android Phone. If you select Mouse Pad option then you can control your PC mouse and keyboard with your Phone.

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