How to Find Server’s IP Address of a Website


Intrigued by watching hacking scenes in the movies? Want to be able to do the same with your computer? Well, for starters let’s first try to find out the IP address of a website, which actually is a pretty simple process. As you might have known that different websites like Google, Facebook etc, has a different IP address.Here are some of the methods to find the IP associated with a website:


1. Using Command Prompt: Using this method, you can get the IP address of any website detect on your Windows PC. It requires only a command called Ping which usually works for us to locate IP address of any site. This command gives the direct location of the particular server from where the site is generated.

Here is how to use the command:

    a. Go to the search option of your Windows and search command prompt and then press Enter.

b. Now the Command Prompt gets open.

c. There type ping, then type the site name (for ex-ping

d. Press Enter.After this, it will show the Ip Address of that site and all the server location related details.

How to Find Server’s IP Address of a Website2.In Linux using Terminal: Here too we use the terminal in Linux or MAC and pretty much type a command for the job.

   a.Open the terminal in Linux.

b.Type “nslookup”

You will get your required information.

How to Find Server’s IP Address of a Website

3.In MAC using Network utility: In MAC you have a dedicated application for this purpose, which means no commands are needed.

      a. Open Network Utility on your MAC.

      b. There you will find a ping tab click on it.

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      c. Now enter the address of the site which you want to Reverse Lookup for IP in the text field box.

      d. Click on ping button.

This will automatically provide the information you need.

How to Find Server’s IP Address of a

4. Using various websites: Nowadays a lot of websites have emerged which can do this job and also provide many more details which are not obtainable using the terminal or the command prompt. Here are some of the resourceful sites which are reliable:




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