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Videos are also a great way for us to capture our memories and our best moments. We sometimes use our smartphones to shoot videos, since our phones are always handy. For this exact same reason, we buy our phone keeping in mind the picture quality that it would provide. But, when we finally end up making a lot of videos, we face the problem of shortage of storage space.
Don’t we have a solution for this problem? You can download and use Video Compressor app, that will help you to reduce the size of your video without losing the video quality. It also allows you to trim the video to reduce its size.

Step 1: Click on Start. It will Take you to your gallery, where you can further select the folder in which your video is present.

Step 2: Click on the video you want to compress. You will be displayed the following screen:

Step 3: It states that by default your video’s duration will get trimmed to 15 secs.

Step 4: Click on Got It!!

Step 5: Now you can click on settings to change the length of your video. If you don’t want to trim your video, you can select the option “Original”.

Step 6: When done, click on Compress. You will receive a popup, while your video is being compressed.

Step 7: After the compression is done, you can preview the video before confirming the edit. Next, click on the √ icon, on the top right corner.

Step 8: Finally, you can share it or post it on facebook, or save it to your gallery.

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Link for Video Compressor

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