How to buy items on flash sale on websites like Flipkart


A new trend started by online marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and many others is “Flash Sale”. Marketers create a strategic hype around a product by putting the product for sale for a very limited time duration and then taking it off the market. I am sure you have tried to buy a smartphone on flash sale only to get the message “OUT OF STOCK” time and again before giving up.

If within a second after the flash sale starts, the product goes out of stock, don’t think that you were late in clicking the “Add to cart” button. 1000 quantity of that product cannot go out of stock in a second, no matter how people are waiting for the sale to be on and sitting online for the same. Only a coding script can do that. Hence most of the technically sound people have grabbed the offer and successfully added the product to their cart. And trust me, not many are technically sound.

The coding scripts simply find the button element from the page and perform a click function on it every few milliseconds. But most of us don’t know how to write and run a script. As a result, we are fooled by these ‘flash sellers’ if you may call them. So for us, that there are many chrome plugins for flash sales.

Here is how you do it:

  • You may download any latest plugin you find online. For example, to grab the flash sale on websites like Snapdeal, Amazon, and Flipkart the best plugin available is FLASH SALE TRICKS.
  • Visit this link and add the extension to your chrome browser. After successfully installing the plugin, you will find a Flash Sale tricks button added to the right-hand side of the address bar of the Chrome window.
  • Now click on the button. A drop down will appear that will show you various store options that have an upcoming flash sale.
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  • Click on any store. You will see upcoming or ongoing sale product listing. On selecting one they will take you to the page of that product and the script to click onAdd to cart” button will run automatically.
  • So, 2 minutes before the sale starts you can open the product page from this plugin and your job is done. As soon as the sale starts the product gets added to your cart without you refreshing the page every 2 seconds and tearing your hair out at another “Out Of Stock” screen.
Enjoy your next flash sale purchase! “Achhe din” is yours.

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