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What do you do to give your mind a break from the daily grind? Do you like playing puzzles and strategy games and give your brain that much needed, satisfying challenge? The Play Store is stocked with excellent options. I bring to you 10 of the most engrossing match-three games, simulated adventures, and word puzzles that are worth tossing on your mobile device.

  1. Hundreds: If you have a 5-inch touch phone this is the game for you. The basic of this game is you have to tap and hold expanding circles to make the total reach up to 100. The circles you are holding cannot bump into other circles and obstacles or hazards. As you move up levels, the situation gets quite difficult and trying.

2. Alphabear: This is a word puzzle with mind-boggling twists. There are letter tiles and cute, super bears who grow to fill in blanks every time you build words using the letters. The bigger the bears grow, the more points you earn. Sounds easy? Now here comes the twist! The tiles which you don’t use quickly turn into stone ­and block the bears’ paths. Also, the bears have the power to use their own bonuses to make or break your score. It is a refreshing game that you could consider trying.

3. Monument Valley: It is an adventure-strategy game where you will be playing the role of Princess Ida. You will have to cross curious terrains with no clue how to go ahead most of the time. But you will be coming across various rotating dials, turning staircases, puzzle boxes and you it is up to you how you use these to figure out the rest of your pathway. What is so special about this game is, it also unfolds a cute little engaging story.

4. Blek: This is an inventive puzzle that has done away with traditional structure. The goal in each stage is to clear the colored dots by drawing a doodle or squiggle. Once your finger leaves the screen, the drawing repeats your doodle as an animation, wiggling around until it leaves view or hits a black dot. If your doodle manages to get all the colored dots in one go, you win! If not, you keep doodling until you find a solution to get them in one go.

5. The Room: The tactile interaction that you get in a touch device has been put to good use in The Room. Your task is to solve a collection of 3D puzzle boxes. Each of the boxes is loaded with stuff like clocks, codes, deals, clues, and other surprising mechanisms. The boxes are well designed and the game is blessed with excellent graphics which make it look actually haunting. The challenge is to find the right approach to unlocking the next opportunity. If you like the original, there is The Room Two too!

6. Hitman Go: Want to plot an assassination? You need careful thought and methodical execution for playing this game. Each mission is a puzzle where you will be moving around a fixed path like a board game to evade capture. The missions are set on dioramas that offer solid challenging opportunities. The faux-plastic aesthetic is incredible and gives the game an outlandish look.

7. World of Goo: This is a physics-driven puzzle that requires you to build structures from living balls of glop. It is a hold and release game where you will be dragging the balls along the path you want to create structures on and then release to set it. Your prime mission is to save the goo balls from being sucked into the suction tube. It is a marvelous adventure with colorful graphics and a spooky soundtrack.

8. Strata: This brutally challenging mind game is all about patterns and correct placements. It gives you a design. You are expected to replicate the design using digital ribbons on the grid. It has a gorgeous faux-textile look and needs you to be highly detail-oriented. Replicating the given design means sorting out the correct order in which you will lay down the digital ribbons. This is probably the most offbeat game you have ever played.

9. You Must Build a Boat: This is the most popular adventure game now among the pixelated ones. As your adventure runs through the dungeons, you have to help him by matching the appropriate icons. For example, if you run into a treasure chest, you need to match keys to help him open it. Or if you encounter a monster, you need to match 3 or more red swords or blue wands.

10. Four Letters: It is basically word game merged into a speed one to add excitement. You will have to sort out a word from the letters that you are given on the screen, all at a given time. The timer is there to tick away while you frantically make your entries. If you are too quick you get bonus points. It might be sounding easy but you will encounter some tricky letter combos that will throw you off and you will be left tapping on your screen. Such a brain teaser!

The game genre has evolved significantly with developers coding and launching new and exciting games to tease our brains, make us think, and stump us entirely. All said and done, the most popular individual gaming franchise continues to be Angry Birds, the king of strategy games.

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