Top 5 Xiaomi Products not available in India


Below are top 5 Xiaomi Products not available in India :

1.Mi WiFi Router 3: 

Top 5 Xiaomi products not available in India(

This is the third generation of the Mi Router which looks extremely sleek and comes with four high gain antennas. So you are getting some pretty good range here. It’s really easy to set up, all you need to do is download the Mi Wi-Fi app and connect the router to a LAN cable if you are planning to start a new network. You can also use the router as a repeater for your existing network. The router has a pretty good range and one single router should be good enough for one big floor in a building. You are having a lot of control over your Wifi networks. You can use the USB port to attach an external storage and can also create guest Wifi network to allow your guests to access the Wifi without giving them the full details of your network. It’s app. It’s really smart router and has low price compared to the other routers with similar performance. So definitely check this one out.

2.USB Battery Charger from Xiaomi:

Top 5 Xiaomi products not available in India(

Designed for Xiaomi’s own AA batteries, the ZI5 / ZI7 the USB battery charger can work with your existing rechargeable batteries. You can basically pop four batteries in there and use the USB port on the device to charge up your Smartphones or any USB powered devices. You can also reverse charge the batteries using the micro USB port on the device. It’s really compact in comparison to the smallest 10,000 mAh power bank from Xiaomi. Its lightweight and it is easy to carry. What makes this thing interesting is that if your smartphone battery runs out, all you need to do is buy some spare AA batteries from the market, plug them in and use them as a power bank. Of course, it won’t charge regular batteries but it will discharge regular batteries and use them as a power bank. So it serves up a double purpose. In cases when you don’t use your power bank frequently you can use the AA batteries from the power bank and plug them elsewhere. Definitely a handy and convenient add-on to a list of accessories that you can have for a price of 7$. This is definitely worth the money.

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3.Xiaomi Tds Pen: 

Top 5 Xiaomi products not available in India


Costing at around 10$, the Xiaomi TDS pen will come in handy in many situations. Now we know that the water in our country is not the purest and everyone uses some sort of water filtration or reverse osmosis device in their house. This pen allows you to see if the water you’re consuming is good enough for you or not. It’s IP X6waterproof and it comes with a little cap on the probe. Just remove the cap, insert the pen into the water and press the button which will tell you the TDS. Now safe TDS is considered below 50, so if your existing unfiltered water supply is giving you 600 then filtered water should around 40 to 47 which is considered safe. You can test the water anywhere you go and you can keep this pen in your pocket.

4.Xiaomi Three USB Charging Port Mini Power Strips:

Top 5 Xiaomi products not available in India


This is a compact power strip that allows you to plug in either three USB devices or three standard devices into the plug. Now they are international plugs so if you do have three pin EU plug then they won’t work on this but if you do have two pin EU plug, you can plug them into the main socket without any problem. It costs $12 and you do get a switch which does have an LED on it as well. It’s really well made and is made out of flame-retardant plastic so it’s not going to catch fire any time soon and they also come with overload protection so your devices sort of gets the surge and overloaded protection that you will need. The three USB ports give a consistent 2 Amps of charge on all three devices. If they do sell it in India, hopefully, they sell the Indian variant EU plug. For $12.99 it’s is a pretty good deal. You do get some alternative available in India but none of them are well made and none of them have good quality connectors on the inside which are on the Mi strip.

5.Xiaomi Wow Stick : (

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This is an electric screwdriver that takes two AA batteries and it comes with a host of screw bits on the top. The wall stick does have a dual torque motor and dual direction motor so you can screw in or unscrew screws from your electronics or gadgets. Now 100 rpm speed is for precise unscrewing and screwing and it works really well with laptops, smartphone, accessories or anything that has precision need of tightening. For a price of 32$, it is pricey but totally worth the money. It’s made out of solid aluminum and looks fantastic. You also get LED lights near the precision head to see exactly where you’re using the screwdriver.

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