Top 5 reasons why you should root your phone


Below are the top 5 reasons why you should root your phone:

An Android phone you actually get it out of the box as a very free device and you are free to modify pretty much anything you want. So a lot of people are confused why would they want to go and root it. Rooting is basically jailbreaking which means it gives you root access to the phone. So below are the Top 5 reasons why you should root your phone:

1. Custom ROMs: The majority of people root their device because they are allowed to install all kinds of cool software on their device including Cyanogen Mod.It basically allows you to install a whole new interface and a whole new firmware for your device and if you go into the settings then you got that this is running the latest version.

2. Latest features: You can install any firmware that you choose. You know the developers for Android are terrible at releasing new updates. You would have to wait months upon months to get the latest version. Through this, you get all the latest features from the newest devices. For example-If you go to the camera application then you have the newest camera and with all the new toggles which are just a very cool thing to do.

3. Custom Kernels: With this you can increase your performance or battery life twofold that means it’s just incredible the number of kernels that are out there and you have to do some research to make sure you are getting the right one but if you do install the correct kernel, you can get outstanding battery life and this would be the better one for any android phone.

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4. Tethering: When your device is rooted, you can actually get tethering for free and avoid that $20 charge that carriers while it is true that are applications in the play store that don’t require root. They are a huge hassle and most of the time they don’t work and your carrier can detect them.By rooting you can get free tethering, hassle-free that absolutely works and isn’t undetectable.

5. Preloaded-applications: Almost in all of the android device, there are many applications which comes pre-loaded on pretty much spaces. If you go through these applications you have so many application that will never use and you can’t remove. They just come with your device and when you root your device, you can either install a custom ROM or manually delete these applications. It’s just really clean not only do you get a cleaner interface you get a lot less app that you will never ever use.

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