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Multitasking has now become a way of life. Even on our smartphones, we wish to do multiple things simultaneously. Once in our life, we have all been a situation where we are watching a video and someone is constantly messaging us. Earlier, we would pause our video again and again in order to reply to messages or we would just give up and decide to watch the video. But now, the things have changed and so just we. We should live a smarter life with our smartphones, and use them to our full advantage.
Our android device provides us with apps to watch our videos in a pop-up window, allowing us to do other works simultaneously.
Let’s make our life easier with the Awesome Pop-Up Video app.

play popup video

To understand, how to use this app, follow the given steps.
Step 1: You can either select a video, to watch, from the given list of videos or click on the search icon i.e. the icon on the top bar.

Step 2: Here you can search a video in 3 ways:

a)Click on the youtube icon on the top bar, to search a video on youtube.


b)Click on the second icon to search a video from video.


c)Click on the third icon, i.e. the globe icon, and copy paste the link of the video that you want to watch.


Step 3: Click on the video you want to watch. A small pop-up screen will appear with the video.


You can click on the square icon on the top right corner, to view the video in full screen. And click on it again to get back to the pop-up window.


Step 4: Hold and drag the video screen, to position it according to your need. Now, you can open the other app that you want to use and work while watching the video.



Step 5: To change the theme of the video player, go to Settings -> Theme
Step 6: Use the cursor to manage the transparency level of the bars on the video screen.


Step 7: Under select your theme, click on default to select your desired theme from the drop down Menu.



Step 8: To enable the addition of various videos together, in the player, go to Settings-> Video Settings and select Add to Queue.


Under Settings, you can also change the quality of video and the download location of videos.
You can also choose to enable sound play even when the screen is off. Although, this feature would not work for videos on youtube.
Under Advanced Settings, you can choose to remember the last video played.

Link for Awesome Pop-up Video

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