Android look like ios easily (No Root)


Many people use android phones now-a-days,but some people want to get android look like ios.
So,here TechieSwag comes with some simple things to make android operating system look like ios.
◘ First you have to download and install OS10 Launcher from link given below.
Download OS10 Launcher
Download OS10 Launcher
◘ Then make the OS10 launcher as default in your phone.
Home Screen looks as below.

◘ Now download and install iNotify from the link given below.This app is for iPhone type notifications.
Download iNotify
◘ Open iNotify app and select “Enable iNoty Phone” and “Enable Control smart”.

◘ Now download and install Control Panel from the link given below.This app gives you iPhone like Control Panel
Download Control Panel
◘ Open Control Panel and select start service.

◘ Now download and install Jet Locker from the link given below.This app gives you iPhone like LockScreen.
Download Jet Locker
◘ Open Jet Lock and select Jet Locker.
◘ If you want to keep pass word screen lock click on passcode lock and enter your password.
By following the above steps you can easily make your android phone look like ios.
Thanks for visiting TechieSwag.If you have any queries then please comment below.

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  1. Fizz Xtreme says

    Awesome tips sir. Thank you.

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