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Imagine you are browsing an e-commerce site and you see something, something that you fall in love with, but something that’s out of your budget. You don’t have enough money to pay for it right now, neither do you have a credit card. But you love the product and can’t seem to just let it go. What do you do? You look for alternatives and depend on others to give you a loan. But, remember, to keep a friendship alive and healthy, never bring money in between.

And also note, that there’s always a way!

Kissht is one of the unique apps that gives you the best solution to this problem. With this app, you won’t need to have depended on others nor would you have to deal with credit cards. Kissht provides its user with a virtual credit card, that allows him to shop online and pay easily through EMIs.

emi without card

Step 1: Click on next till you reach the permissions page.

Step 2: Click on Let’s Get Started and choose your option to login/signup on the app.

Step 3: They will provide you with an initial amount of credit. You can choose to continue with it or update your professional information to get a credit limit according to your salary. To do the latter, click on Let’s go.

Step 4: Choose your type of employment and mention your monthly income.

Step 5: Click on next and enter the total value of you current ongoing EMIs, if any.

Step 6: Click next. Now, you will have an updated credit limit according to your income.

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Step 7: Click on edit profile, to update any information about yourself.

Step 8: Click on EMI-fy. It allows you to convert your previous recent purchases, into EMIs. But note, that the total value should be at least, Rs. 10,000/-.

Step 9: Select the purchases you want to convert, and click on Convert to EMI.

Step 10: Click on Shop, to browse through online products.

Step 11: You can either select to browse e-commerce sites such as amazon etc. or slide down and browse products through categories.

Step 12: Select the product you are interested in, and click on Buy on EMI.

Step 13: Fill the shipping details and click on Submit.

Step 14: Click on the top left most icon i.e. the icon with 3 horizontally parallel lines. You can now select My Loans or My Order to view the respective.

NOTE: If you buy through other e-commerce sites such as Flipkart, amazon etc. you would first have to submit a loan application.

Link for Kissht

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