Most Essential Android Apps for the Elderly


The growth of technology has been so tremendous that Android plays a very important part in helping the senior citizens and there are some most essential apps which come with Android which every elder person must have. Many of our elders have started using smartphones, tablets, and computers through which there are several tech solutions for their ease of use and to serve their needs and problems.

Here let’s have a look at the apps available for various purposes namely in healthcare and medications, communication with near and dear ones, emergency calls and tracking of location, serving better for people with hearing or visual problems, etc.


Skype is a fantastic video-calling app available to keep in touch with family and friends and have a face-to-face conversation with simple calling method via tablets or smartphones.

Necta Launcher App

Necta Launcher App is another advantageous app which provides big fonts, web search, and useful tools thereby making life simple.

Big Launcher App

Big Launcher App is also a similar one to address the needs for those with vision problems. Wiser App, as shown below, is a boon to the senior people which is highly customizable and it simplifies the various functions available with various shortcuts.

Senior Phone Android App

Senior Phone Android App with handy buttons and clear text is available for the better usage by senior citizens. The major buttons for usage help to call, message, or even identify the location in case of getting lost.

My Life Record App

Most Essential Android Apps

My Life Record App helps to keep track of all medical records charts and also to keep track of doctors.

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Pill Reminder App and Blood Pressure Monitor App are other useful ones for the elderly people.

In addition to these, WebMD App helps in checking the symptoms, providing treatments for the old people.

Most Essential Android Apps

Dragon Dictation App


It helps users to send messages or emails and use the web by voice dictation and recording.

Most Essential Android Apps

These Launchers and Apps are very innovative. It takes us in a new direction for leading a simple and easy life. There are various options to customize the settings thus making Android more grandparents friendly. Android developers play major role for doing a great job in changing the lives of the elderly people. It is making them more efficient and happy with advanced technology.


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