How to edit name in TRUECALLER easily


ABOUT True Caller and How it works:-

One of most popular apps is True Caller. It helps us to find out the person name when unknown calls lets you search any mobile number and its contact details, name, location etc., directly from within the True Caller.

It works on the principle that in two ways one is when a SIM was bought the name you registered it directly displays that name info.

(NOTE: this Is applicable when the respective SIM Is not used by non-android phone or iPhone, so if true caller doesn’t show the name info then SIM is not yet verified in database)

Another thing is that when you use true caller and register as the new account that time the info given taken for consideration and each time when called shows the info that stored in the database of True Caller.


This’ll be easy for android users can be changed directly with android mobile

Install True Caller àopen app àregister and verify your phone number with either mail or Facebook


Then after that swipe towards the right and go to edit profile where you can edit your account name as like in Facebook or WhatsApp and save it.

Method 2

If you don’t have android and yet you’d like to change the name displayed for unknown calls here is the link given below


In that fill the form given and for phone number fill with country code (e. g INDIA +91…) and fill the captcha and send.

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That’s all everything is changed

True caller takes few days to change in its database and after that when call displayed on another phone will display the name you entered

Hope you now find a way to change the display name and how True Caller actually works.

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  1. Rajesh Kumar Sharma says

    Name Change

    1. Rajesh Kumar Sharma says

      Wrong name change
      Correct Name Rajesh Kumar Sharma

  2. kiran jaiswal says

    so if i edit someone’s name, will it be visible that who changed the name?

  3. Elena says

    Aceasta aplicatie este gratuita ? Ce costuri implica ?

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