Change password according to battery life


Why want to change password according to battery life?
Battery life is more important for a user to working for a long hour and also the user wants to maintain his charge till he gains the charging source. So, the user needs to maintain the charge of the device till the work has to be completed. The charge how can be maintained by the password settings and how it helps us for working with the maintenance of charge? What have to be done during the charge is low and we want to do using password settings? The following passages with a brief description will explain how to make it.
With the medium – security password :
The password such as face unlocks face and voice unlock are the medium security needs more charge for recognizing the perfect set as they fix. The face unlock is the password settings that help you to open your device when your face has been recognised and face and voice unlock need both your face and voice to unlock your device however it was too safe but also it has some drawbacks such as in dim light effects and voice mismatch situation occurs the devices failed to deduct the users input and it needs some more information to unlock. That the time user wants to have a backup pin or pattern setting passwords to unlock the device.
During such a cases, the user’s devices suck more charge and battery life becomes down and also the charge may drop out sometimes. Then the user needs to charge his device and so to avoid that situation also to overcome this situation we need to change our password settings. Since the password may change once it drops a low level may be irritating user to do it but the user needs to do it save his devices battery lifetime.
The medium – high security :
The medium to high-security passwords such as pattern pin and character password settings. In those cases, the devices can’t be set maximum time to self-locking the device or light to get turn off. If the user sets the minimum time for locking the screen. These password settings need ever a time to unlock it the device.
So, that the person needs to unlock every once he locked the device. In such cases, the battery may down to every one time he accesses the device. So, the battery may down for some times. This kind of problems to occurs for the user when he has the password based opening of devices.
How to overcome this situation?
The user may have the swipe or none password options he may active that kind of password settings for saving his battery level and easy to access the device. It may help us to save battery life but it can’t be secured and also have some alternative options. The alternative options such as app lock we can lock the personal application and user can lock those applications what he wants to hide.
The hike has such a quality like a lock the personal chats and hides the personal chats. Sometimes it saves us from both save battery life and also privacy also can be maintained. The user can also use those applications. User nowadays needs of long battery backup for the device so the user needs some battery saving and locking combo applications for the device.


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