How android mobile can be changed into a Walkie Talkie


Yeah, nowadays it is possible to change your Android mobile into a walkie-talkie. There are even many apps, for this funny thing to be done. By installing those apps you can start having fun with your loved ones.


This app is comely known as the Walkie Talkie application. This app is similar to What’s App. By installing this app in play store, you can start having fun. Through his app, you can send images, voice and text messages. The main advantage of this app is that you can use this app to even chat with your Facebook friends.


This is one of the most popular apps, to convert your Android mobile into a Walkie Takie. You can both send voice and text messages, button not the images. The first step after installing the app in order to convert your mobile into walkie-talkie is to enter your name and your phone number. After finishing this initially step, you will get a verification code no. on your mobile, which you have to enter in the second step. The installing process is over. Now, you can start having fun. For that, first, select the number of the persons whom you are going to have fun with. Then keep on pressing the ‘ Hold and Speak ‘ button, until you have recorded the voice message you have decided to send. After this, person .the message will automatically, be sent to the persons.


This app is completely free to use. Unlike other apps, the time to deliver the message is too fast. The main great quality of this app is that you can have fun with as many people as you like (up to 1,000) at the same time.

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iPTT :

It is similar to app. Like all apps, the first step is to download and install the app from the play store. Unlike the other apps, initially, where you have to initially, in this it is enough if you just enter the current place in which you are , then . Then select persons from your contacts , record your message , send it and then your fun time starts .

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