Add new fonts to your windows easily


In this post I will say about add new fonts to your windows.It’s very easy to add or remove any font in latest version of windows . It’s done by just dragging and paste it on font folder.It’s done by these following steps:

⦁ First download any font from various website available ( I would recommend or because these sites contains really huge category of fonts.)


⦁ After that now in your windows search for FONTS in the TASKBAR and open the folder FONTS.

add new fonts

⦁Now you find various fonts , to add now open the font that you downloaded previously (it may be in .zip file extract it).

add new fonts

•Now just drag and paste it on the Fonts folder and that’s it. It’s done,it itself install within seconds.

add new fonts

⦁ In the Fonts folder simply select the files that you’ld like to remove.
⦁ Select the files and just simply Delete the files.

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