How to lock HARD DISK on WINDOWS 10


Follow the below steps to lock hard disk on Windows 10:

On Windows 10 verisons OS itself comes with the BITLOCKER which helps the drive to get ENCRYPT or DECRYPT or may be used to LOCK the drive and used by administrator only.

To lock the drive go to THIS PC RIGHT CLICK ON a drive TURN ON BITLOCKER .

lock hard disk

Select USE A PASSWORD TO UNLOCK and keep any password as your wish then click NEXT


In case of recovery method recovery key is provided and can be saved via the following method in given method,but for temporary one you can select SAVE TO FILE and save it on drive and afterwards can copy in specific drive or folder



Then start your ENCRYPTION by selecting as per your content usage and start your encryption (it takes some time don’t shut down the computer untill it get done)



After it gets done restart the pc and that’s it your drive is protected.

NOTE:To decrypt the file on the drive already encrypted select MANAGE BITLOCKER and remove the encryption but all the files will get lost so backup is necessary.

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