Download Youtube videos using VLC media player


In this article, I’m going to tell you how to download YouTube Videos using VLC media player.

VLC is one of the most popular media players around. This free and open source media player became popular a long time ago as it was one of the first ones that “played anything”.

Its  simple Userinterface can makes the new users consider it less advanced. Few people know that VLC media player packs a wide range of features.

Steps to download YouTube videos using VLC media player

1-Open the web browser and head to youtube and select the video you want to download

2-Now simply copy the URL

3-Now open the VLC media player and select MEDIA in the top bar and select the captured device


4-Inner to it select the NETWORK and paste the link in it and press the play button it start playing the video.


5-You control the video as same as that of youtube.

6-Now select the TOOL option in the top bar and select the CODEC INFORMATION


7-Later in the CODEC you will find the location copy it.


8-Paste in the WEB BROWSER and start downloading it.


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